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Your cutting board is handcrafted from Corian and  other solid surface acrylic materials. You can also use it as a Cheese Board, Hotplate, Trivet, Serving Board & Spoon Rest.  This nonporous cutting board is hygienic and sanitary.  It is solid all the way through.  How to clean your cutting board.  For everyday maintenance use a Scotch-Brite cleaning scrub and warm soapy water to remove the tiny hairline cuts from the cutting board.  The cutting board is also dishwasher safe. If you need to "shine up" your board, rub it with any food oil using a microfiber cloth.  Use the "wax on, wax off" method! The board is also resistant to high levels of heat. For extreme heat such as a frying pan directly from the stove, place a hot-pad between the frying pan and the cutting board.

Sample Anniversary Board - Chef Size 12"x18"

$30.00 w/o Engraving & $50.00 w/Engraving



Childs Mother's Day Gift


Engraved Heart Board - 12"x12

$20 w/o Engraving & $40.00 w/Engraving

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